Adulting Is Hard But It Was Easy At TCK

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On a typical Thursday morning, with the typical HP laptop bag slung across my back, I walked into the very a typical office of the The Creative Key. I remember grumbling under my breath as I climbed up those five flights of stairs; it was the first time I was going to spend my summer working and those delightfully lazy days that only start at noon were now unattainable. “What were you thinking, Tharru!?” Awkward introductions, a bunch of frantic texts asking whether texting at work was acceptable, and a couple of hours of careful observation later, I came to the conclusion that things weren’t going to be too bad actually. And I was right.

One month of working at TCK has taught me a lot about life, adulthood, and of course, the importance of Facebook likes. Professional environments are definitely different from school and college ones- deadlines, tasks, and Sundays suddenly have a lot more meaning. Sounds a little stressful? But it’s not if you love the people you are working with. When your team is a family the way it is at this office, all the work tension is defused with mad jokes and chai breaks. Oh yes, the value of tea is something I only discovered this June. Additionally, I learnt a lot about the field of digital marketing, what kind of work it entails, and the skill set required to undertake this work. Internships are a wonderful way to take a peek into different professions, and that’s exactly what I wanted from this experience (the stipend was just an added bonus, I swear!). All of this aside, the biggest lesson I took back from TCK was that chasing one’s dreams, working determinedly, and being passionate about what you do ensure satisfaction and happiness (it’s clichéd but it’s true!). No prizes for guessing, but yes, Diksha di was the inspiration for this life lesson. TCK was born in her head when she was still in college! She caught hold of the idea, planted it firmly, nurtured it with care, and is today the proud mommy of an expanding startup. For me, working at her startup was perfect. Plenty stories of big corporates keeping their interns unoccupied have made their way to me through fed up friends, and I think that’s why working at a young, smaller company is a much better experience for us, the inexperienced lot. At The Creative Key, I was genuinely made to feel like my presence and contribution mattered. The fact that I fell asleep at my desk on Day 1 (horrible first impression, I know) was noticed (and brought up many times thereafter in an attempt to make fun of the poor little intern) and, believe me, that’s a good thing even if it doesn’t seem like it. It means they cared!

The Creative Key was also a very fun place to work at. How many offices have adorable canine visitors every once in awhile to keep morales high and Instagram profiles updated? Does your workplace have FRIENDS episodes playing in one corner of the office and anime ones in another at lunchtime? Do you also work to the rhythm of Coldplay? How often does your team sit together to ideate, conceptualise, and then shoot a Buzzfeed-esque short film just for fun? Has your boss ever called you outside just to exchange really bad puns? This office is crazy, and it doesn’t get much better than this.

My one month of editing blogs, coming up with captions, reviewing quiz questions, and writing content came to an end way too fast, and I have to admit I miss it now. I’m not going to lie- there were days when I whined about work (whining is one of my talents, as my colleagues know). But those days were few and far apart, with many more moments of laughter, friendship, and satisfaction in between.

So, on a typical July evening, with that typical HP laptop bag slung across my back, I walked out of that atypical office with a very special team (read: family) by my side. A farewell party in the form of Ekdum Aam ice-creams at the Mother Dairy across the road is a memory I will cherish forever.

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