How Colourful & Fun is Holi For Your Pet Really?

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While Holi is just around the corner, there is excitement and happiness all around. As everybody gear up to celebrate their favourite festival, there are some things that are not as exciting as they look. In a situation where even humans can have allergic reactions to all the synthetic colours that are used on Holi, think about your pets. While you go through a great time playing with colours and water, your pets go through a horrible time. Let’s see why so and how can you counter the same.

  1. Stop! For Your Pet Is Very Sensitive & Vulnerable.

The synthetic powders with which these Holi colours are made, are very harmful for the coat of your pets. They can give them rashes and blindness. In fact, if inhaled, these powders can give your pets long or everlasting respiratory diseases. If licked, these colours can cause them stomach ailments and other illnesses and if not treated, can be fatal.

  1. That’s Just Not ALL!..

These colours also tend to have a very negative affect on their gastrointestinal tract. Sadly, the lack of nutrition in strays affect their immunity and make them more prone to severe problems and more.

So, what should you do?

  1. Keep Your Pets Indoors.

As much as your pet begs you to take them outside, don’t. It is only going to lead to problems as the air outside is not suitable for them.

  1. Create Awareness

Let the people and especially children of your area know that you have a pet and/or there is a stray dog nearby that needs to be taken care of. Instruct them not to throw water or colour on pets and stray animals.

  1. Be Ready To Help

Your pet or an animal nearby might get caught in a colourful mess and it is not exactly a good thing for them. Be ready with water to wash it off. Try to stay alert in order to help your pet and the animals around you.

  1. Use Shampoo

Do not use oil to remove the colour from your pet’s fur. Use a mild shampoo instead.

Buy a good-quality shampoo for your pet, here.

  1. Keep Those Sweets At Bay

Do not let your pet reach the sweets that come to your house with the festivities. All that sugar is not good for your pet. Feed them a little on your own if you want to- but other than that, don’t let them have a lot of sugar.

Keeping these simple tips in mind will keep your pet safe. You can also help any stray animals in your area. It is important to have fun on your favourite festival, but it becomes your responsibility to take care of the beings surrounding you.

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