Top 10 Menu Designs From Around The World

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For a classy Italian fine dining restaurant or an edgy food truck going around the city, the menu design perhaps, says the most about the restaurant. It is the part of your brand that the customer engages with the most, not only to select the dishes but also to engage with the overall vibe. So whether it is a vegan and holistic philosophy that the restaurant follows or simply comfort food, here are 10 of our favourite menus from across the world, that represent the best of the brand, in the most creative way:

  1. Let’s Eat

We love a menu that remains consistent throughout and that is exactly what Let’s Eat does, maintaining the brown, black and scarlet colour palette in the menu as well as the food packaging. The Italian chef logo is simple in its design and one of the few illustrations, thus drawing attention to itself. While the Let’s Eat typography is almost a scrawled italics, the rest of the menu design is a clean black font, making it easy to understand. Overall, it is an uncomplicated design with a splash of colour.

  1. Lewis Barbecue

Hearing the word barbeque, the idea that comes to mind is live grills, greasy food and juicy, flavourful recipes. Lewis Barbecue’s menu embodies the essence of a Texas Barbecue, using earthy tones reflecting the rural influences and authentic recipes. With bold typography and hand-painted signs, it also incorporates horseshoe symbols throughout the menu design and restaurant design to enhance the rural element. We love the subtly quirky messages on the packaging and the use of natural colours. 

  1. Buncit Bao Bar

Their menu design makes a strong first impression and we love the fact that it steps away from the mainstream contemporary vibes. Wmillenniallenial pink base, minimalistic illustrations and pop art style photographs of the dishes, the entire vibe is very tumblr and perfectly conveys the fun and fusion-bun concept behind the restaurant. It is also coherent with the neon sign decor in the restaurant itself.

  1. The Cibo

The Cibo’s menu perfectly captures the essence of Midtown, Manhattan by illustrations that speak directly to the customer. A bright orange and monochrome palette dominates the menu, with hilarious illustrations of some classic types of New-Yorkers. It brings together healthy culinary options to make a multi-cultural menu that despite its extensiveness, is easy to follow due to the neat sections and a clean capital font.

  1. Taikin Asian Restaurant

While the ambience of the restaurant is contemporary, the menu stays true to its Japanese origins. Taikin is a symbol and art style in Japanese culture, the black, white, red, dull green and beige colours of which are used for the menu. Illustrations of the Japanese Taikin animals are placed throughout the menu, helping customers connect to the authentic food and culture that the brand offers.

  1. Borze

Inspired by early 20th-century Hungarian food culture, Borze is a café and restaurant that revives the everyday middle-class café life. The menu is a classy cream and maroon with subtle gold accents and a bold, modern font. The most extraordinary feature of this menu is the hand-drawn archaic illustrations that create a homely atmosphere and are artfully placed at different spots.

  1. 22 Ships

As the name suggests, 22 Ships is a coastal themed restaurant serving Spanish Tapas dishes. The nautical influence is prominent on the menu design, with illustrations of aquatic animals, ships and naval equipment being a part of every page. The beige and vermillion colour of the menu makes it very old-school and the font is typewritten, almost faded, enhancing the rugged sailor vibe.

  1. Khutor Vodogray Restaurant

This restaurant finds its vision in the rural Russian villages and Slavic recipes. The theme has been recreated in its authentic origins, without modernising it, as the branding logo and illustrations reflect the rural Slavic life with traditional artistry. The spread is cultured and aesthetically pleasing with browned pages, giving the feel of holding a menu from years ago.


  1. Fat Lulu’s

Fat Lulu’s is an Italian pizzeria which flawlessly encapsulates the warmth of a traditional Italian home-run pizza place. With warm tones of mustard yellow and red offering a contrast to the black and white, it has hand-drawn illustrations of traditional Italian dishes and ingredients. The typography is a mix of handwritten typefaces, bold capitals and simple italics. With each page dedicated to one category of food, there is something new and refreshing with each turn.

  1. Gastronomica Kitchen and Bar

This multi-cuisine restaurant maintains an elegant, rustic vibe throughout the menu with pale pink and yellow toned beige backgrounds. A soft typeface and minimal illustrations limited to flower trails at the side of the page make it easy to keep the focus on the dishes themselves. Some pages have a faint suburban illustration in the background, adding an interesting element.

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