What It’s Like To Work At TCK

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To be very honest, this blog is harder to write than my pending Theatre and Communication assignment (and mind you, the Theatre and Communication assignment requires I read Twelfth Night twice).

The problem is that I never take the assignments I get from TCK as actual work, so I never define it as a job in my head. Sometimes, this means a lot of slacking and a lot of apologies to Diksha. But mostly, it just means that my job is so much fun, I don’t think of it as an actual job.

I once read somewhere that everyone must find three hobbies– one to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative. However, with TCK I felt the lines between the first and the third blur. I still enjoy my hobby, I still get to be creative, and yet I get to earn from it, and isn’t that nice?

More than earning, however, I get to learn. TCK is not another run-off-the-mill startup that will fade away in a few years when content writing goes out of style. Truth is, content writing will never go out of style, because readers will never go out of style. There will always be questions and people seeking to answer them, and Diksha ensures TCK is there to provide these answers in the most user-friendly way possible.

Personally, I have felt an inexplicable growth in me over the course of my work with TCK. When I started, I would ask for a day to write one article properly. Now, sometimes I sit and write five in a go. And the best part is all five of these articles will be about different, completely unrelated topics. Even Google does not know what webpage to suggest to me anymore, because I’m searching for dog food one second and dresses by a particular designer the next. As a writer, I find it extremely rewarding that I get to do what I love and yet learn so much about this craft every day. Diksha is never hesitant in providing feedback, and it’s always so helpful and constructive that I end up promising myself I’ll try harder next time, just to show her how important her opinion is to me.

Of course there are days when even typing out a word feels too much– every writer has those days. But then, on happier days, when I look back at a Google Drive full of perhaps a thousand articles, at the encouraging messages Diksha sends me and the leeway she gives me with work when I feel too low to do anything, and at how far I have personally come from that one hour to the twenty minutes I can now whip up an article in, I know that I would not change it for any experience in the world.

So even though I have written four hundred words about it, I still cannot fully answer what it is like to work at TCK, possibly because I don’t work here at all. I just enjoy my hobby and get paid for it.

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